What are the challenges before the democratic government?

What are the challenges before the democratic government?

The three main challenges are the foundational challenge, the challenge of expansion, and the challenge of deepening of democracy.

What are the challenges before Indian democracy?

Challenges of Indian Democracy

  • Illiteracy. Illiteracy has been a major challenge for India’s democracy since the independence of the country.
  • Poverty.
  • Gender discrimination.
  • Casteism.
  • Communalism.
  • Religious fundamentalism.
  • Regionalism.
  • Corruption.

What is the challenge of expansion before the democratic systems of governance?

Solution: The challenge of expansion involves applying the basic principle of democratic government across all the regions, different social groups and various institutions. Greater power should be given to local governments. Federal principles have to be extended to all the units of the federation.

What are the main challenges of good governance?

These included, non- availability of information to the people, lack of accountability, poor management of the public sector and lack of appropriate legal framework.

What are the challenge before Indian democracy describe any three of them?

1) Poverty, health care, low literacy rate, over population, unemployment are prevalent in most parts of India, hampering national progress. 2) Caste and gender discrimination continues to prevail in Indian Society, slackening advancement and development.

What are major challenges before democracy class 10th?

What are the challenges before democracy? Answer: Population explosion, Unemployment, Terrorism. Question 2.

What are the challenges before Indian democracy mention any three?

The three important challenges before democracy are: (i) The foundational challenge of making transition of democracy. (ii) The challenge of expansion of democracy. (iii) The deepening of democracy.

What challenges does India have to meet to be called a true democracy?

Answer: India it has to face many challenges that need to be tackled in order to ensure to democracy. these challenges may include social and economic inequality , poverty and unemployment , literacy , ignorance , communalism etc .

What are some challenges in the role of government in global governance?

Ethnic conflicts, infectious diseases, climate change, food insecurity, and other pressing threats, are increasingly threatening global security and stability, prompting doubts about the ability of the current global governance order to respond to the challenges plaguing the 21st century.

What is good governance in India?

Good Governance Day (Suśāsan Divas) was established in India in 2014, to be observed annually on 25-December, the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, with a view towards fostering awareness of accountability in government.

Which type of challenge is being faced by most of the democracies of the world?

➤ The three types of challenges faced by democracies all over the world are: Foundational Challenge, Challenge of Expansion, and Challenge of Deepening of Democracy.

Can you explain any five challenges and problems faced by Indian democracy?

Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment are still in existence most parts of India. Caste and gender discrimination continues to prevail in Indian Society, slackening advancement and development. Rampant corruption, red tapism, delays in public justice are weakening the foundation of Democracy.