What do gaffes mean?

What do gaffes mean?

1 : a social or diplomatic blunder committed an embarrassing gaffe when he mispronounced her name. 2 : a noticeable mistake Kwan did not fall today, as she had in Friday’s short program, a gaffe that left her in fourth place.—

What is an example of a gaffe?

A gaffe is a mistake that embarrasses you in front of others. If you run into a friend out with her grey-haired father, and you blurt out, “Oh, hi, you must be Tara’s grandfather!” then you’ve made a gaffe. Gaffe rhymes with laugh, and you’ll be lucky if that’s how people respond to your social blunder.

What does the word Gaffey’s mean?

Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Eachaidh ‘son of the horseman’ or Mac Gáibhthigh ‘son of the fierce one’ (see McGaffey).

Why is it called a gaffe?

This is from the Provençal word gaf for a boat-hook. In French this took on the figurative sense of a blunder, perhaps because the emotional effect is like being gaffed, and it’s the origin of the standard English gaffe for an embarrassing remark or blunder.

What are social gaffes?

One understudied, but potentially impactful, type of mistake is a social gaffe, which we define as an unintentional action that violates interpersonal norms and expectations. Due to their interpersonal nature, social gaffes are likely to have an important impact on relationships at work.

How do you use gaffe in a sentence?

Gaffe sentence example So they’ll spot a gaffe a mile off. What’s the worst gaffe of the 2002/03 season? However I suspect after his latest gaffe he will be removed when the gulf war ends.

Does gaffe mean mistake?

A gaffe is a stupid or careless mistake, for example when you say or do something that offends or upsets people. He made an embarrassing gaffe at the convention last weekend.

How do you use gaffe?

Gaffe in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because of the quarterback’s gaffe, our team lost the big game.
  2. Clarice made a social gaffe when she wore jeans to a formal event.
  3. After the actress tripped over her dress, she realized millions of people had seen her gaffe.

What is the definition of Gaucherie?

Definition of gaucherie : a tactless or awkward act.

What is the definition of Berceuse?

Definition of berceuse 1 : a musical composition usually in ⁶/₈ time that resembles a lullaby. 2 : lullaby.

What is a synonym for gaff?

Similar words for gaff: arrest (noun) lapse (noun) other relevant words (noun) slip (noun) arrest (verb)

What is an antonym for gaffe?

restitution. Noun. ▲ (success) Opposite of a mistake, typically unintentional.