What does BT Micro do?

What does BT Micro do?

bt-Micro™ is a handheld ultrasonic exfoliation and peeling tool designed for high/frequent everyday use in the salon, spa and clinic environment. It expedites facial treatments by going above and beyond what can be achieved when compared to traditional fingertip product application.

What is BT Titan?

Category: bt-PRO. The bt-titan® MN allows for a highly controlled and precise treatment that is adapted to your clients exact skin needs and comfort. Unlike more invasive procedures, this quick treatment not only delivers marked results but is suitable for all skin tones.

How many services are on the BT Nano?

Usually, a series will have 4 to 8 treatments done in a span of 4 to 8 weeks. Facials will also be scheduled at least once a month to maintain microcurrent treatment.

Is ultrasonic facial effective?

Researchers put 73 women and 2 men under observation after a HIFU procedure. The doctors examining the procedure indicated an 80% improvement in neck and facial skin. Reduces the appearance ofjowls: Ultrasound penetrates below the skin’s surface and works to firm up sagging jowls.

How often can I use ultrasonic scrubber?

two to three times per week
How Often to Use. As with regular exfoliation—whether with a scrub or brush—Green says that it’s best to use an ultrasonic skin scrubber no more than two to three times per week.

Is the BT Titan Microneedling?

This brand new microneedling treatment by the Bio therapeutics BT Titan pen uses the latest technology that requires minimal downtime. It delivers a highly controlled and precise treatment which can be adapted to clients’ exact skin needs and comfort and suitable for all skin tones.

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What is microcurrent facial?

A microcurrent facial stimulates your facial muscles for a natural lift. “Microcurrent machines in facial aesthetic applications are used to ‘work out’ the muscles of the face, stimulate collagen, and tighten skin appearance,” says Svendsen.

Does ultrasound tighten skin?

Through the ultrasound procedure, the dermis is stimulated to produce new collagen. The result is a younger and tighter-looking skin as the tissue provides more support to the skin.

Can you put your hand in an ultrasonic cleaner?

Safety. It is recommended to avoid using flammable cleaning solutions because ultrasonic cleaners increase temperature even when not equipped with a heater. When the unit is running, inserting your hand into the solution could cause burning due to the temperature; discomfort and skin irritation can also occur.

Is ultrasonic good for skin?

Ultrasound therapy has been proven safe and effective in tightening the skin on face and neck. Research studies show that the forehead, eyelids, cheeks, chin and jaw areas can benefit from the treatment with ultrasound.

How many speeds does the BT Titan MN have?

Five variable speeds offer supreme customization. Features our proprietary, single use sterile silicone nano tip cartridges with quick release mechanism.

What is Nano needling?

Nano-needling is a non-invasive transdermal serum delivery system. A stylus is used to tap nano-cartridges to the skin—thousands of microscopic pyramid-like tips that penetrate the skin’s epidermis. These cartridges are thinner than human hair, and, when they touch the skin, form as much as 200,000 nano-channels.

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What is a nano facial?

Nano infusion facial therapy is a non-invasive therapy that enhances the skin’s product absorption by 97%. A cosmetician uses a nano infusion pen to create microscopic pathways in the epidermis, allowing more nutrients to penetrate the lower layers of the skin.

Is microcurrent better than Botox?

Unlike neurotoxins such as botulinum toxin (Botox), microcurrents won’t stop your muscles from moving but will improve their quality and tone: it’s bit like taking your face to the gym. For younger patients, this type of facial could well be enough to keep skin smooth and firm.

What does ultrasonic do for your face?

This facial therapy promotes cellular renewal and repair, tones facial muscles, increases blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage, combats puffiness and swelling and improves skin care product penetration.