What diameter is a 14g spoke?

What diameter is a 14g spoke?


Spoke wire gauge spoke size nipple size
14 or 15 2.0 mm (14g) or 1.8 mm (15g) 3.23 mm (0.127 in)
14 2.0 mm 3.30 mm (0.130 in)
14 2.0 mm 3.40 mm (0.134 in)
13 2.3 mm 3.45 mm (0.136 in)

How thick is a 14g spoke?

14g (2.0mm) Sapim Leader silver stainless spokes, 2mm thick throughout its length 75mm to 310mm lengths available in 1mm increments. Select quantity of spokes from the drop down menu below, enter spoke lengths at the checkout process.

How thick is a 14 gauge spoke?

Double-buttedspokes are thicker at the ends than in the middle. The most popular diameters are 2.0/1.8/2.0mm (also known as 14/15 gauge) and 1.8/1.6/1.8 (15/16 gauge).

Can you cut straight 13G spokes?

We can also cut straight 13g spokes if you are replacing just a couple spokes on a wheel that is built using straight 13g spokes, as is the case with many chinese laced hub motors. Please see our online Spoke Calculator for getting the required spoke length for a particular hub, rim, and cross pattern.

What is the wire size for the spokes?

Intended for every day use, these spokes are produced using top quality stainless alloy material. NOTE: This spoke uses a 2.3mm (13G) wire which requires a specific 13G nipple.

What is the lightest weight bladed spoke?

Aerolites are the lightest weight bladed spoke offered by DT Swiss Very high stability and increased aerodynamic properties Fits standard … read more Type: J-Bend Butting: 2.0 Length: 170mm Unit Size: Single Spoke Color: Black … read more

What kind of steel are blades Revolution spokes made of?

Produced from high-tensile, fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel Almost as light as Titanium Extremely high fatigue test results … read more Bladed Revolution spokes 2.0/.09×2.3/2.0mm Cold forging technology, CrNi stainless steel with rolled threads No hub slotting necessary … read more