Which slot was the most difficult in CAT 2021?

Which slot was the most difficult in CAT 2021?

CAT 2021 Exam Slot 3 Analysis The difficulty level of CAT VARC was moderate to difficult with RC’s making up more than VA section. CAT DILR was rated difficult by slot 3 candidates. Like slot 1 and 2, in slot 3 of CAT DILR, 2 DI sets with 6 questions each and 2 LR with 4 questions each were asked in slot 3 also.

Which Slot is best for CAT?

It remained the same as CAT Slot 1 and CAT Slot 2 i.e. 66 which means VARC – 24, DILR – 20, QA – 22….CAT 2021 Paper Analysis (Slot 3)

Area/Q Type No of Questions LOD
Arithmetic 10 Easy to medium
Algebra 4 Medium to difficult
Geometry 4 Medium
Modern Maths 5 Medium

Which IIM sets the toughest CAT paper?

In 2018, it was speculated that with IIM Calcutta being a ‘Quant-oriented institute’, the Quantitative Ability section of the CAT exam would be the toughest section.

Which is the toughest section in CAT?

On the whole, DILR is the difficult section of CAT. There are 8 sets, 4 each for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. Usually 2 sets are from Modern puzzles such as bets, investment and tournaments are definitely asked and are usually tough.

Which was the easiest CAT paper?

CAT 2020 Exam Analysis (Slot 1, 2 & 3) VARC and QA sections had 26 questions each while DILR had 24 questions. The overall difficulty level of the exam was reported to be around Moderate to Difficult. VARC section was the toughest as reported by the candidates but DILR and QA were a bit easier as compared to last year.

What are good CAT attempts?

Good Attempts: 14 to 16 questions with 85% accuracy can fetch high percentile to clear the cut offs. Cut off Expected for 99 Percentile: A score of 36 to 40 marks can get 99 sectional percentile.

Is there any difference between slots of CAT?

The Slot 2 of CAT 2020 was on similar lines with slight deviation in terms of difficulty level of VARC and Quant sections. The two sections were a 1 notch higher in terms of difficulty level compared to slot 1. The slot 2 had total 76 questions spread across 3 usual sections.

What makes CAT difficult?

CAT is tough because it poses difficult questions, usually requiring an application of mind. The questions require the aspirants to be thorough in their knowledge of the fundamentals and know where to apply what.

Which IIM is easy?

For IIM A, this sectional cut-off is the lowest, you need a sectional cut-off of just 70 percentile or above to get a call from them….The overall lowest cut-off for top IIMs:

Sr. No. IIMs Minimum overall cut-off
1 IIM Ahmedabad 80 percentile
2 IIM Bangalore 90.6 percentile
3 IIM Calcutta 90 percentile

What is a good attempt in CAT?

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Section in CAT exam 2022 Good Attempts Likely percentile Score in CAT 2022
Section-1: VARC 13-15 99 – 99.5
Section-2: DILR 10-12 99 -99.5
Section-3: QA 14-16 99 – 99.5
Overall 47-43 99 – 99.5

Is CAT tougher than NEET?

neet tests basically your knowledge and cat is the test for aptitude. so, if we see cat exam.is considered tougher than neet. Only 1500 candidates out of 2 lakh people get into the IIMs every year. That makes it one of the toughest entrance exams in India , so cat is considered tougher.

Which year CAT paper is tough?

November 15: CAT 2019 was conducted on November 14. The overall difficulty level of the exam was Moderate with some parts being on the Difficult side….CAT Last 10 Years Question Paper Analysis (2011 – 2019)

Year Exam Analysis
CAT 2017 CAT 2017 Question Paper Analysis
CAT 2016 CAT 2016 Question Paper Analysis