Does the Nikon D300 have live view?

Does the Nikon D300 have live view?

Nikon D300 Live View. Turning the D300’s Release dial to LV sets the camera to Live View mode, which starts when you subsequently press the shutter release button. Like all DSLRs with Live View, there’s a slight pause as the camera flips its mirror up and the shutter open.

Does Nikon d300 have auto mode?

Nikon D300 Modes Available exposure modes are: P (Programmed Auto), S (Shutter Priority), A (Aperture Priority) or M (Manual).

Is the D300 a full frame camera?

Both the D3 and D300 are pro-grade cameras, and share many of the same revolutionary features. While the D3 breaks new ground for Nikon with a full-frame sensor (called FX) at 12.1 megapixels, the D300 nearly matches that resolution at the old DX-size recording a 12.3 megapixel image with a 1.5x crop factor.

What is picture playback?

This function is used for seeing the images already stored on a memory card or locating wanted shots among a large number of files. To display a single image at full screen size, you select the shot using the arrow pad and press the playback or magnify button.

How do I turn on autofocus on Nikon d300?

As shipped, move the front Focus Mode Selector to S, for AF-Single, point the camera at the subject, hold the shutter halfway, recompose, and shoot. This is exactly the same way Nikon’s N2020 worked — back in 1985. The N2020 was marketed as “Dual Autofocus.” That means it also had a continuous motion tracking mode.

Does Nikon D300 have live view?

Does Nikon D300 have Bluetooth?

Peek carefully at this picture of a Nikon D300 and you’ll see something unusual. No, it’s not the jaggy lines around the edges of the camera — that comes from the product page. Instead, it’s the little square box to the right of the lens, a tiny Bluetooth receiver which slips into the 10-pin remote […]

Where is playback button on Nikon camera?

If you put a finger on the bottom of the display, a gray frame-advance bar appears. Drag right or left on the bar to scroll quickly forward or backwards through your images. Lift your finger to hide the bar and return to the normal playback screen.

How do I view pictures on my Nikon?

Here are the basics of playback:

  1. Press the Playback button.
  2. To scroll through your files, press the Multi Selector right or left.
  3. To return to picture-taking mode, press the Playback button again or press the shutter button halfway and then release it.

Should I shoot in burst mode?

Burst mode helps increase the odds of getting that perfectly-timed shot. Incorporating burst mode into your action shots can make a big difference. When using continuous shooting, be sure to use a fast memory card. Check your autofocus settings, and be aware of your camera’s limitations.

What does AF-ON button do?

On all modern digital cameras, the AF-ON Button stands for “Autofocus On”. It is used for engaging autofocus and metering, although its function can be re-programmed for some other purpose on more advanced digital cameras.