How many GB is CharJi unlimited package?

How many GB is CharJi unlimited package?

It is said that it is an unlimited package but users will get 150GB per month which is quite enough.

Is CharJi Evo unlimited package?

Monthly line-rent is inclusive of all taxes. Enjoy an amazing Internet experience that allows endless downloading, streaming, socializing & gaming with CharJi Unlimited Package. Visit your nearest PTCL/Ufone Service Center, Franchise or Retailer and get your new CharJi device with Unlimited package today!

How can I check my PTCL EVO package?

You can easily get your CharJi/EVO package & Usage details via SMS. Simply text ‘infoMDN’ and send to 051-2181218. Simply text ‘infoCNIC’ and send to 051-2181218.

How can I recharge my EVO PTCL?

Option 1:

  1. Quick & Easy recharge through the below short code:
  2. *1666*PIN#
  3. Recharge through 1015 via IVR.
  4. 1- On the main screen, click on the Call or Voice Icon to start the soft phone dialer.
  5. 2- Using the dial pad, dial 1015 and press the call button.
  6. 4- For Card Recharge.
  7. 5- For balance inquiry select 2 in the main menu.

What is the price of Evo in Pakistan?

EVO 3.1 Mbps

Product EVO Package Monthly Charges Inclusive of 14% WHT
EVO 3.1Mbps USB EVO 3.1Mbps Basic Rs. 2,394
EVO 3.1Mbps 20GB Rs. 1,368
EVO 256Kbps Rs. 1,368
EVO Wi-Fi Cloud Basic Rs. 2,394

How do I recharge my EVO prepaid?

How do you package a Evo CharJi?

Validity for all packages is 30 days. Prepaid/Postpaid billing option is available for all packages….Wireless Internet.

CharJi New Packages Nationwide
Sr# Line Rent Volume
3 Rs. 1,650/- 50GB
4 Rs.1649/- Unlimited*
5 Rs. 2,149/- Unlimited*