What does an offshore installation manager do?

What does an offshore installation manager do?

An offshore installation manager is in charge of overseeing the process of drilling for oil; essentially, it is usually up to him to manage workers who operate an oil rig and maintain safety. Some helpful characteristics to have for this job are effective organizational habits and sound leadership skills.

What is OIM in oil rig?

Offshore installation manager (OIM) means a competent person, certified in accordance with these recommendations, who has been appointed in writing by the company to manage the offshore activities of the MOU.

What does OIM mean offshore?

Offshore Installation Manager
The Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) is the most senior manager of an offshore platform operating on the UKCS. Many offshore operators have adopted this UK offshore management model and title and applied it to their operations in all global regions irrespective of the local regulations in force.

How much does an OIM earn UK?

Salary and Progression Your typical salary will start at £55,000-£75,000 but with experience will rise to in excess of £100,000. From here you can look to manage larger installations and then manage the commissioning or decommissioning of projects which are deemed more challenging.

How do you become a OIM on a rig?

2) Hold a Bachelor of Science degree from a recognized school of technology and have one year of service as driller, assistant driller, toolpusher, assistant toolpusher, barge supervisor, mechanical supervisor, electrician, crane operator, ballast control operator or equivalent supervisory position on MOUs.

What is the role of OIM?

The Master / Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) / Rig Superintendent is in overall command and responsible for the safe management of the offshore facility and personnel in accordance with statutory requirements and the company’s safety and performance standards.

What is the boss of an oil rig called?

Toolpusher: The boss of a drilling rig, working under the drilling superintendent or the corporation the rig is contracted to.

What is job OIM?

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) include ensuring compliance with relevant legislation, codes of practice, guidelines, industry standards, company policies and procedures applicable to the area of operation.