What is special about Lord Howe Island?

What is special about Lord Howe Island?

Lord Howe Island and its surrounding isles are the remains of a 7-million-year-old shield volcano. The island is considered an astounding example of an ecosystem developed from submarine volcanic activity, and being isolated from the mainland, it has an incredibly rare diversity of flora, fauna and landscapes.

Can any Australian live on Lord Howe Island?

Legally, you have to live on Lord Howe continuously for 10 years before you are considered an islander and allowed to lease or buy property. Socially, I’m told, it takes a lot longer before you’re accepted as a local.

Was Lord Howe Island a penal colony?

It was first visited by British Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball on 17 February 1788 when his ship, the HMS Supply, passed by on its way from Botany Bay to Norfolk Island with a cargo of 15 convicts to form a new penal colony. Ball returned a month later and claimed the island for Britain.

Who found Lord Howe Island?

Lieutenant Ball
It was discovered in 1788 by Lieutenant Ball, commander of H.M. tender Supply, on a voyage from Sydney to Norfolk Island. The Island is now home for some 350 people, many of whom have roots going back to its early settlement in the 19th century.

Does anyone live on Lord Howe Island?

In many ways, Lord Howe Island is like a small country town in the Pacific Ocean and islanders have a healthy disrespect for mainland authority. There are only about 350 permanent residents and visitor numbers are limited to 400. Visitors are always fascinated by day-to-day island living.

Are there sharks at Lord Howe Island?

A shark research project has revealed new details about the movement of Galapagos sharks found in the Lord Howe Island Marine Park, the only location within Australian waters where they are known to occur. The research has shown that these sharks travel over much longer distances than previously thought.

Are there snakes on Lord Howe Island?

Families love Lord Howe: children can safely roam free. There are no snakes, no sand flies, no stingers. The island has a 25 kph speed limit and the roads are shared by walkers, cyclists & vehicles.

Why is it called Lord Howe Island?

Ball named the uninhabited island after British Admiral Richard Howe, and the sea stack situated to the island’s south Balls Pyramid, after himself. The island was first settled in 1834 when three couples arrived from New Zealand.

Who lives on Lord Howe Island?

Lord Howe Island is a 1,455 hectare paradise. Settled in 1834, Lord Howe Island has a resident population of approximately 400 persons, and attracts over 15,000 tourists per year.

Can anyone live on Lord Howe Island?

Is there mobile phone coverage on Lord Howe Island?

Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island, New South Wales: Complimentary WiFi and internet are offered. There is no mobile phone coverage at the property.