How old is Zosia?

How old is Zosia?

34 years (February 2, 1988)Zosia Mamet / Age

Who is Zosia Mamet father?

David MametZosia Mamet / FatherDavid Alan Mamet is an American playwright, filmmaker, and author. He won a Pulitzer Prize and received Tony nominations for his plays Glengarry Glen Ross and Speed-the-Plow. Wikipedia

Who is Zosia Mamet mother?

Lindsay CrouseZosia Mamet / MotherLindsay Ann Crouse is an American actress. She made her Broadway debut in the 1972 revival of Much Ado About Nothing and appeared in her first film in 1976 in All the President’s Men. For her role in the 1984 film Places in the Heart, she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Wikipedia

Who is David Mamet’s daughter?

Zosia Mamet
Clara MametWilla Mamet
David Mamet/Daughters

Who is Zosia Mamet married to?

Evan JonigkeitZosia Mamet / Spouse (m. 2016)

What does the name Zosia mean?

Origin:Polish. Popularity:8426. Meaning:wisdom. Zosia is a feminine name of Polish persuasion belonging to those of intellectual prowess. Meaning “wisdom,” Zosia is borne from the Greek sophía, which encompasses skill, cleverness, and sound judgment.

Is Zosia Mamet married?

Who is David Mamet’s wife?

Rebecca Pidgeonm. 1991
Lindsay Crousem. 1977–1990
David Mamet/Wife

Who are Allison Williams parents?

Brian Williams
Jane Stoddard Williams
Allison Williams/Parents

How did Zosia and Evan meet?

“We met doing a play. Our characters were engaged,” says Girls’ actress Zosia Mamet of how she was introduced to her husband, actor James Jonigkeit. “I suppose it’s life imitating art.” The two were married at Cedar Lakes Estates.

Who is Kelsey in parenthood?

Parenthood (TV Series 2010–2015) – Zosia Mamet as Kelsey – IMDb.

Is Zosia a rare name?

She’s so rare in the US that the first year it was given to more than five girls was 1997, and peak year – 2012 – still just saw 18 girls given the name. Except she isn’t rare at all. Plenty of women have been called Zosia in the US and elsewhere. Except their birth certificates have read Zofia or Sofia or Sophia.