What is a Walk Through presentation?

What is a Walk Through presentation?

A Walk Through is an engaging and interactive educational presentation of standards-based history curriculum through literacy and the arts. Many consider the 2½ hour presentation to be an unforgettable educational experience.

What is walk through revolution?

Walk Through the American Revolution is a history field trip that comes to your school. It is specifically created for fifth graders. Our company started these programs to make learning about history even more fun! A presenter will visit your school and guide you through the American Revolution.

What is walk through California?

Walk Through California Overview Walk Through California is California Weekly’s first Walk Through presentation and continues to be presented to thousands of classrooms each year. The program focuses on major events that shaped our great state of California.

What is 360 walkthrough model?

In simple terms, anything that is online / on a computer screen that guides or shows you information is considered a virtual tour or walkthrough, or 360-degree tour.

What did Ethan Allen do during the Revolutionary War?

At the outbreak of the American Revolution, he raised his force of Green Mountain Boys (organized in 1770) and Connecticut troops and helped capture the British fort at Ticonderoga, New York (May 10, 1775).

What is walkthrough method?

The walkthrough method is a way of engaging directly with an app’s interface to examine its technological mechanisms and embedded cultural references to understand how it guides users and shapes their experiences.

What is walkthrough application?

Application Walkthrough is a powerful tool where you take potential applicants of an opportunity through the application form and help them understand the application process.

Why was Ethan Allen not executed?

Although Allen ultimately escaped execution because the British government feared reprisals from the American colonies, he was imprisoned in England for more than two years until being returned to the United States on May 6, 1778, as part of a prisoner exchange.

What did the Green Mountain Boys Do During the war of Independence?

The Green Mountain Boys stopped sheriffs from enforcing New York laws and terrorized settlers who had New York grants, burning buildings, stealing cattle, and administering occasional floggings with birch rods.

Who leads walk through?

Walkthroughs are represented by the below characteristics: It is not a formal process/review. It is led by the authors. Author guide the participants through the document according to his or her thought process to achieve a common understanding and to gather feedback.

What are the things needed for cognitive walkthrough?

Definition: A cognitive walkthrough is a task-based usability-inspection method that involves a crossfunctional team of reviewers walking through each step of a task flow and answering a set of prescribed questions, with the goal of identifying those aspects of the interface that could be challenging to new users.

How do you start a walkthrough session?

Start the session by introducing participants and reviewing the objectives of the session. This is a good time to set some rules for the session, such as that participants must not interrupt each other or criticize each others’ ideas.

What were the German troops that fought for the British called during the American Revolution?

The term “Hessians” refers to the approximately 30,000 German troops hired by the British to help fight during the American Revolution. They were principally drawn from the German state of Hesse-Cassel, although soldiers from other German states also saw action in America.

What happened to Ethan Allen after the Revolutionary War?

Congress gave Allen the brevet rank of colonel with back pay, but he did not serve in the war after his release. Instead, he devoted his time to local affairs in Vermont, especially working for separate statehood from New York.

What does a green flag with stars mean?

The green is representative of the area they lived, the Green Mountains. The thirteen stars symbolized the original thirteen colonies of the United States. It is potentially the most well-known flag of the Revolutionary War. Today, this flag is still flown to symbolize the Vermont National Guard.

What are the goals of a walkthrough?

The goals of a walkthrough:

  • To present the documents both within and outside the software discipline in order to gather the information regarding the topic under documentation.
  • To explain or do the knowledge transfer and evaluate the contents of the document.
  • To achieve a common understanding and to gather feedback.

What are methodologies of walkthrough?

Walkthrough methodologies – Scenario, Dry Run, Peer Group- Static testing techniques

  • a. Scenario, Dry Run, Peer Group.
  • b. Kick off meetings.
  • c. Formal Follow Up Process.
  • d. Includes Metrics.

What are the 3 questions that are asked during a cognitive walkthrough?

The Four Questions to be Asked during a Cognitive Walkthrough

  • Will the user try and achieve the right outcome?
  • Will the user notice that the correct action is available to them?
  • Will the user associate the correct action with the outcome they expect to achieve?

Who performs cognitive walkthrough?

A cognitive walkthrough is a structured approach to evaluating usability of a product. It involves the tester, who is not a user, asking four simple questions about the way a specific user journey is conducted.

Which are the methodologies of walkthrough?

Walkthrough methodologies – Scenario, Dry Run, Peer Group- Static testing techniques

  1. a. Scenario, Dry Run, Peer Group.
  2. b. Kick off meetings.
  3. c. Formal Follow Up Process.
  4. d. Includes Metrics.