What is the order of Andy McNab books?

What is the order of Andy McNab books?


  • Remote Control (17 February 1998)
  • Crisis Four (22 August 2000)
  • Firewall (5 October 2000)
  • Last Light (1 October 2001)
  • Liberation Day (1 October 2002)
  • Dark Winter (3 November 2003)
  • Deep Black (1 November 2004)
  • Aggressor (1 November 2005)

Will there be a new Nick Stone book?

Whatever It Takes: The thrilling new novel from bestseller Andy McNab (Nick Stone) Paperback – 17 Oct. 2019.

What book comes after firewall?

A new book, Silencer, is due to be out later in the year. Other titles in the Nick Stone book series include Crisis Four, Firewall, Last Light, Liberation Day, Dark Winter, Deep Black, Aggressor, Recoil, Crossfire, Brute Force, Exit Wound and Zero Hour.

Is Andy McNab still writing?

McNab is also writing a modern-day survival guide for children, which captures all the necessities they need to be aware of to survive our modern world, publishing in spring 2023.

Was SAS Red Notice based on a true story?

Andy McNab, the author of the book this movie is based on, is a former member of British SAS. He was captured and tortured by Iraqi forces in the first Gulf War, he was the commander of an 8 man patrol call sign Bravo Two Zero.

Who else writes like Andy McNab?

Who writes like… Andy MCNAB?

  • Shaun Clarke.
  • Duncan Falconer.
  • John Fullerton.
  • Alan Judd.
  • Alistair MacLean.
  • John Nichol.

What is the order of the selection series?

The Prince: A Selection Novella2013
The Guard (The Selection Novellas, Book 2)2014The Queen: A Novella2014The Favorite2015
The Selection Novellas Series/Books

Is Digital Fortress part of a series?

Robert Langdon Series Collection 7 Books Set By Dan Brown (Angels And Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Inferno, Origin, Digital Fortress, Deception Point) Paperback – 1 January 2018. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

Is SAS Black Swan a sequel?

If you’ve seen SAS: Red Notice, you’ve seen SAS: Rise of the Black Swan. The two movies are the same, just with a different name. It happens regularly, but it’s understandable if you were initially confused. Something you’ll want to know is whether there’s more coming to the story.