Is Franz Josef or Fox Glacier better?

Is Franz Josef or Fox Glacier better?

The most dramatic formations occur on a glacier when it moves downwards on a steep gradient. Fox Glacier has a gradual incline whereas Franz Josef is steeper. The surface of Franz Josef Glacier is full of crevasses and ice caves, where you have a much better chance of seeing the famous blue ice.

What is there to see between Lake Tekapo and Queenstown?

14 Best Stops Between Queenstown and Lake Tekapo

  • Lake Hayes. Mirror-like reflections at Lake Hayes!
  • Arrow Junction Lookout. Just one of the views at the very start of Crown Range Road at a pull over bay.
  • Crown Range summit.
  • Cardona Hotel.
  • Bradrona.
  • Wanaka.
  • Lindis Pass Lookout.
  • Hot Tubs Omarama.

What is there to see between Franz Josef and Wanaka?

What are the best places to stop between Wanaka and Franz Josef?

  • Lake Hawea.
  • Lake Wanaka Lookout (just after “The Neck”)
  • The Blue Pools.
  • Haast Pass Lookout.
  • Fantail Falls.
  • Thunder Creek Falls.
  • Haast River lookout.
  • Roaring Billy Falls.

Can you fly from Queenstown to Franz Josef?

Hello. There are no regular airline routes between Queenstown and Franz Josef Glacier. There are scenic small plane and helicopter carriers in the area of the Glacier, tour prices are around $400 NZ per person for heli hikes and scenic plane tours from around $250 NZ per per person and up depending on which tour.

How many days do you need in Lake Tekapo?

While there are not a load of Lake Tekapo activities, there are enough to easily fill 2 or 3 days, or more if you enjoy outdoor activities.

Where is the stop between Franz Josef and Queenstown?

Blue Pools About 30 minutes from “the neck” is one of the most popular stops on the road from Queenstown to Franz Josef. The Blue Pools are known as one of the most beautiful places to visit on the South Island and are accessed by a short walk.

Is Haast worth visiting?

Haast Pass is a very beautiful drive with waterfalls everywhere, even down to the road. I kept the video camera rolling while we were driving through there and have relived the experience a few times since. The rest of the drive is lovely too, especially beside Lake Hawea and of course Wanaka is a beautiful town.

How do I get from Queenstown to Fox Glacier?

Take a bus Queenstown to Fox Glacier with InterCity. The journey from Queenstown takes approximately 7 hours 15 minutes, travelling through the Southern Alps and into the rugged native bush and wild splendour of the West Coast.