Where are the OIG offices located in the US?

Where are the OIG offices located in the US?

Washington, DC
OIG is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has three regional offices. 1401 Constitution Avenue N.W. 401 W.

What does the OIG office do?

According to the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, the Inspector General’s mission is to: Conduct independent and objective audits and investigations relating to DHS programs and operations. Promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in DHS programs and operations. Prevent and detect waste, fraud and abuse.

How many OIG offices are located internationally?

To meet these challenges, the USAID/OIG maintains six overseas offices. These Regional Inspector General (RIG) offices are located in Budapest, Hungary; Cairo, Egypt; Dakar, Senegal; Manila, The Philippines; Pretoria, South Africa; and San Salvador, El Salvador.

What happens during an OIG investigation?

The OIG reviews the information and makes an initial determination of what action is required. If an allegation appears to be credible, the OIG will generally take one of three actions: (1) initiate an investigation; (2) initiate an audit or inspection; or (3) refer the allegation to management or another agency.

Where is DoD IG located?

Alexandria, Virginia
The DoD OIG is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, and has more than 50 field offices located in the United States, Germany, Southwest Asia, and South Korea. We employ more than 1,750 dedicated professionals comprised of auditors, investigators, evaluators, and support personnel.

What is usaid part?

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government that is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance.

What happens in an OIG investigation?

How do I contact the Inspector General of USPS?

U.S. Postal Service

  1. Tammy L. Whitcomb, Inspector General.
  2. (703) 248-2300.
  3. 1735 North Lynn Street; Arlington, VA 22209-2005.
  4. Hotline Email: [email protected].
  5. Hotline Number: (888) 877-7644.
  6. URL: www.uspsoig.gov.