Can you get a Canadian high school diploma online?

Can you get a Canadian high school diploma online?

ICS Canada Online High School ICS Canada’s flexible, affordable, and DEAC-accredited high school diploma program is designed to help you take the first steps towards entering the workforce – online, at your own pace, on your own terms.

How do I get my high school diploma Ontario?

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is the province’s official high school diploma. To earn a high school diploma, you need to earn 30 secondary school credits. English programs are offered in English in English-language schools and French programs are offered in French-language schools.

Is Virtual High School Ontario accredited?

Virtual High School (VHS) is a private online high school based in Bayfield, Ontario that offers accredited online courses towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

What is the best online high school in Canada?

10 Best Online High Schools to study in Canada in 2022

  • #1. Northstar Academy.
  • #2. Laurel Springs School.
  • #3. Forest Trail Academy.
  • #4. Park City Independent.
  • #5. The Keystone School.
  • #6. University of Missouri High School.
  • #7. James Madison High School.
  • #8. Halstrom Academy.

How can an adult get a high school diploma in Ontario?

If you wish to earn a high school diploma as an adult, you can take classes at your local school board, study in the evenings, study from home, or take an equivalency test (GED). Some school boards offer high school classes for adults during the day, at night, or during the summer.

Is GED equivalent to Ossd?

The GED Certificate is recognized by employers and colleges as equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Do universities accept Ontario virtual school?

Ontario Virtual School (OVS) is a private, Ministry-inspected online high school offering Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credit courses in a fully online format. Our courses follow the same curriculum as Ontario day schools, and are accepted by all universities and colleges.