Is Waterbeach a nice place to live?

Is Waterbeach a nice place to live?

From the stunning churches, to local amenities, clubs, societies, sports facilities, the library and so much more, Waterbeach is a fantastic place to live. Oh and the local newspaper is pretty good too.

What is being built at Waterbeach?

A new community with thousands of homes will be built in a village just outside Cambridge. The 6,500 new homes and five schools will be built in Waterbeach, as well as a new health centre, community centre, commercial, retail and leisure facilities at the 716-acre Waterbeach Barracks, six miles north of the city.

Why is Waterbeach called Waterbeach?

The name Waterbeach is derived from the Old English ‘beche’ meaning brook. In 1238 it was known as Waterbeach. The names of Landbeach and Waterbeach became established when the fens me wetter and the higher ground in Landbeach became even more desirable.

Where is the best place to live in Cambridgeshire?

Ely is the best place to live in Cambridgeshire according to a poll by a popular lifestyle website. Muddy Stilettos asked its readers to vote for their favourite from a list of eight Cambs hotspots, which had been handpicked by the site’s editors.

Is Cherry Hinton a good place to live?

Cherry Hinton is such a rural area, we are surrounded by greenery and it’s so nice to have some of those views as you’re walking or driving through. Obviously, living in Cambridge is expensive but house prices are surprisingly affordable in Cherry Hinton.

Is sawston a good place to live?

Sawston is the least expensive village in the area, so there’s plenty of affordable housing. Excellent greengrocer and Chinese Restaurant. Local station is Whittlesford, which is outside walking distance and not great to get at by bike because of busy roads, but has enormous and expensive car park.

How many people live in Waterbeach?

The population of Waterbeach has risen significantly since 2001, from 4,476 to some 5,500 in 2019.

How many homes are in Waterbeach?

The completely new Cambridgeshire town with 6,500 homes, swimming pool and three schools.

Where should you not live in Cambridge?

Peterborough. Peterborough and its surrounding villages top the list for most dangerous area in Cambridgeshire, which is logical based on its large population of 119,000.

  • Cambridge South. Cherry Hinton Road.
  • Huntingdon. Graffiti in Huntingdon.
  • Cambridge North. North Cambridge as seen from the air (Image: Google)
  • Wisbech.
  • Where is the cheapest place to live in Cambridgeshire?

    Peterborough. The city of Peterborough is the cheapest place to live around Cambridge.

    Where should I not live in Cambridge UK?

    Cambridge North This area which includes Arbury, King’s Hedges, Chesterton, Castle and part of the city centre was the second most dangerous area to live in Cambridge with a total of 429 crimes reported in January.

    Where should you avoid living in Cambridge?