What are the three types of nerve fibers?

What are the three types of nerve fibers?

Nerve fibers are classed into three types – group A nerve fibers, group B nerve fibers, and group C nerve fibers. Groups A and B are myelinated, and group C are unmyelinated. These groups include both sensory fibers and motor fibers.

What are the four types of nerve fibers?

There are four subdivisions of group A nerve fibers: alpha (α) Aα; beta (β) Aβ; , gamma (γ) Aγ, and delta (δ) Aδ. These subdivisions have different amounts of myelination and axon thickness and therefore transmit signals at different speeds.

What are the 3 types of axons based on their diameter?

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  • Classification of nerve fibers. •
  • Fiber types. -Type A Fibers.
  • Type A Fibers. – large diameter axon with thick myelin sheath.
  • Type B Fibers. -Intermediate diameter axon, lightly myelinated.
  • Type C Fibers. -small axon diameter umyelinated.

What are the 2 types of nerve fibers that conduct pain impulses?

There are two major classes of nerve fibers associated with the transmission of pain: Unmyelinated C fibers (small and slow) Myelinated A-delta fibers (myelinated and fast)

What are delta fibers?

A delta fibers (group III fibers) are 2-5 mm in diameter, myelinated, have a fast conduction velocity (5-40 meters/sec), and carry information mainly from the nociceptive-mechanical or mechanothermal-specific nociceptors. Their receptive fields are small. Therefore, they provide precise localization of pain.

What are a Alpha fibers?

A-alpha fibers are the primary receptors of the muscle spindle and golgi tendon organ. A-beta fibers act as secondary receptors of the muscle spindle and contribute to cutaneous mechanoreceptors. A-delta fibers are free nerve endings that conduct painful stimuli related to pressure and temperature.

What are Alpha Delta fibres?

What are a-beta fibres?

A-beta nerve fibers carry information related to touch. A-delta nerve fibers carry information related to pain and temperature. C-nerve fibers carry information related to pain, temperature and itch.

What are A beta fibers?

What are Type B nerve fibers?

Group B nerve fibers are axons, which are moderately myelinated, which means less myelinated than group A nerve fibers, and more myelinated than group C nerve fibers. Their conduction velocity is 3 to 14 m/s.