What is session in WebLogic?

What is session in WebLogic?

WebLogic Server uses cookies for session management when cookies are supported by the client browser. The cookies that WebLogic Server uses to track sessions are set as transient by default and do not outlive the session.

What is session in WebSphere?

The WebSphere session management component is responsible for managing sessions, providing storage for session data, allocating session IDs that identify a specific session, and tracking the session ID associated with each client request through the use of cookies or URL rewriting techniques.

What is deployment descriptor in WebLogic?

Overview of weblogic-webservices. The standard Java EE deployment descriptor for Web services is called webservices. xml . This file specifies the set of Web services that are to be deployed to WebLogic Server and the dependencies they have on container resources and other services.

What is WebLogic XML?

xml is the configuration file for all the applications lying in the domain created. It lies in the META-INF directory and contains parameters such as auth-filter, charset-params, container-descriptor, context-root, description etc..

What is session stickiness in WebLogic?

With WebLogic Server, session state is normally maintained on two servers, one primary and one backup. A sticky load balancer will send each user request to the specified primary server, and any local changes to session state will be copied to the backup server.

What is session replication in WebLogic?

Using in-memory replication, WebLogic Server copies a session state from one server instance to another. The primary server creates a primary session state on the server to which the client first connects, and a secondary replica on another WebLogic Server instance in the cluster.

What is session persistence in WebSphere?

Configuring WebSphere Application Server HTTP session persistence to a data grid. You can configure your WebSphere® Application Server application to persist sessions to a data grid. This data grid can be in an embedded container server that runs within WebSphere Application Server, or it can be in a remote data grid.

What is session persistence?

Session persistence is a method to direct all requests originating from a single logical client to a single backend web server. Backend servers that use caching to improve performance, or to enable log-in sessions or shopping carts, can benefit from session persistence.

What is context root in Weblogic?

Designating a Default Web Application To deploy a Web Application as a default Web Application, set the value of the context-root element to “/” in its deployment descriptor. You can specify the context-root element in the weblogic. xml deployment descriptor for Web Applications that are packaged as a .

What is Library ref in Weblogic xml?

Table 9-2 weblogic-application.xml Elements for Referencing a Shared Java EE Library. Element. Description. library-ref. library-ref is the parent element in which you define a reference to a shared Java EE library.

What is context root in WebLogic?

Where is server xml in WebLogic?

Each WebLogic Server domain contains a central configuration file called the config. xml, which is stored in the DOMAIN_HOME\config directory.