Did Shaq have a post game?

Did Shaq have a post game?

Shaq was hands down the most physically imposing post player to play in the modern NBA era.

Who has the best post moves in the NBA?

5 Best Basketball Post Moves in NBA History

  • Hakeem Olajuwon – “Dream Shake”
  • Kevin McHale – Up-and-Under.
  • Tim Duncan – Bank Shot.
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar – Sky Hook.
  • Michael Jordan – Fadeaway.

How many 3 point shots did Shaq take?

Throughout the course of his 19-year NBA career, O’Neal attempted 22 three-pointers. He made just one.

Who has the best post fade of All Time?

List of Current Players with the Highest Post Fade Attribute on NBA 2K22

# Player PFADE
1. Nikola Jokic C | 6’11” | DEN 95
2. Joel Embiid C | 7’0″ | PHI 92
3. LeBron James SF / PG | 6’9″ | LAL 90
4. LaMarcus Aldridge C / PF | 6’11” | BKN 89

Who has the best footwork in NBA history?

This slideshow will feature the top ten players in the league who possess the best footwork skills in the NBA.

  • Marc Gasol. 8 of 10.
  • Luis Scola. 7 of 10.
  • Kevin Garnett. 6 of 10.
  • Tim Duncan. 5 of 10.
  • Carmelo Anthony. 4 of 10.
  • Paul Pierce. 3 of 10.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge. 2 of 10.
  • Zach Randolph. 1 of 10.

Who has the best post fade of all time?

What is the Dream Shake?

What Is the Dream Shake? The Dream Shake is an offensive basketball maneuver that utilizes shoulder movement, pump fakes, and pivoting to confuse a defender. Legendary NBA big man Hakeem Olajuwon—nicknamed “The Dream”—developed the Dream Shake in the late 1980s.

Who is the best post player?

1. Hakeem Olajuwon. There are probably 30 NBA teams in the league today dreaming of having a center with the post moves that Hakeem Olajuwon possessed in his heyday. Hakeem is not only the reason for Dwight Howard’s recent offensive success, but also for the Houston Rockets’ two championships in the early 1990s.

Was Shaq a good shooter?

Notorious for his bad free-throw shooting, O’Neal finished his career with a 52.7 percent average from the line. His free-throw shooting was so bad other teams often used “Hack-a-Shaq” as a tactic to combat O’Neal’s dominance inside.

Who is the best fadeaway shooter?

Wilt Chamberlain was a famous pioneer of the fadeaway. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are regarded as the most popular shooters of the fadeaway.