How do I get from Istanbul airport to the city?

How do I get from Istanbul airport to the city?

Taxis are by far the most comfortable and safe option to get from Istanbul New Airport (IST). It takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach the city centre, traffic dependant. Moreover, taxis are easily recognisable as they are either black “E” type, blue “D” type or orange “C” type taxis.

Is there public transportation from Istanbul airport?

Currently, buses are the only public transportation option from the new Istanbul Airport. In the future, Metro Line M11 will also connect the new airport to the city center but, for the moment apart from private transfers, the shuttle buses provide the only alternative.

How much is taxi from Istanbul airport to city?

Transfer Options from Istanbul International Airport to Istanbul City Center (Sultanahmet)

Options Price (€) Price ($)
Taxi 31.6 34.7
Bus 0.8 – 4.7 0.9 – 5.2

Is there metro from Istanbul airport?

Yes, the Turkish President announced a number of new metro lines in Istanbul, including the M11 metro line, the new Istanbul Airport metro – Gayrettepe, which will connect the new airport to the city center.

Can I pay with euros in Istanbul?

No, you cannot use only euros in Turkey, but you can use them in some places (convenient for big-ticket items) and you can exchange them freely at any bureau de change (aka döviz büfesi). Tom B, You can bring those Euros and change them to TL in Turkey. You will get the best rates here.

How do I get from Istanbul Airport to my hotel?

A private shuttle is a great alternative for both the taxi and the standard airport shuttle. They are much more comfortable than taxis, have a fixed rate, hence offer a much more relaxed (and safe) drive to your hotel. Unlike the Havabus Airport shuttle, private shuttles bring you to the hotel’s doorstep.

Are taxis expensive in Istanbul?

Istanbul Taxi Fares Istanbul taxis are overall cheap. They work on a meter and hence, you won’t find any set prices for your transfer. Their starting fee is 5₺ (0.8€ / 0.87$) while they charge approximately 3.1₺ (0.48€ / 0.53$) per kilometer.

Are taxis safe in Istanbul?

Luckily most of them are indeed fair, but there are a rising amount of cases where tourists get hustled while taking a taxi ride in Istanbul. It’s always good to have a healthy level of suspicion. Here are the most popular Istanbul taxi scams, and how you can prevent them from happening to you.

Is the Metro from Istanbul Airport open?

The Kağıthane — Istanbul Airport portion of the line is currently planned to open in August 2022….M11 (Istanbul Metro)

M11 Gayrettepe–Istanbul Airport–Halkalı
Line number M11
Locale Istanbul, Turkey
Termini Gayrettepe Halkalı
Stations 16

How much is a meal in Istanbul?

Average cost for a meal ranges from 20 to 50 Turkish Liras. As a city with many different nationalities, the range of cuisine types and restaurants in the largest city of Turkey is wide. Find all kinds of world food in Istanbul – from Japanese sushi to Italian pizza.

Is it better to use cash or card in Turkey?

The Turkish lira is the accepted currency in Turkey, and although you can pay with euros in some places, you’ll always get a better deal paying in the local currency. Get lira from ATMs using your debit card or travel card — withdrawing cash on credit is not advised.