Where does Walter Hussman live?

Where does Walter Hussman live?

Little Rock
Hussman lives in Little Rock with his wife, the former Robena Kendrick (b. June 26, 1946). They have three children.

Who owns Chattanooga Times Free Press?

WEHCO Media, Inc.
Today the newspaper circulates in 16 counties in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. It is still owned by Hussman’s company, WEHCO Media, Inc. The newspaper still carries Ochs’ promise, “to give the news impartially, without fear or favor,” on its front page every day.

Who owns wehco media?

Walter E. Hussman Company
The company has been family owned since its founding in 1909. It operates daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, and cable television companies in six states. WEHCO, pronounced WAY-CO, is an acronym for Walter E. Hussman Company.

Who owns the daily cable?

WEHCO Media, Inc., based in Little Rock, AR is a privately held media company with holdings that include newspapers, cable television systems, and internet service. Walter E. Hussman, Jr. (born 1947), is the president.

How did Walter Hussman make his money?

After a protracted and heated newspaper war, legal battles and even a change in ownership by the opposing Arkansas Gazette, Hussman emerged the winner and bought the assets of the rival newspaper in 1991, creating the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

When was Chattanooga Times Free Press founded?

January 5, 1999Chattanooga Times Free Press / First issue date

How much is a subscription to the Chattanooga Times Free Press?

Monthly rates are $34. A shift the paper says is necessary to remain profitable and continue serving quality journalism. The Times Free Press will still deliver a newspaper on Sundays. This isn’t the first time publisher, Walter Hussman Jr., has shifted to a mostly digital product.

What does wehco stand for?

In 1973, Walter Hussman Sr. came up with WEHCO “W-E-H-C-O” for Walter E. Hussman Company WEHCO Media. Around 1970, the cable system that served Hope, Camden, and Prescott became operational.

Who is Neil Patel Dailycaller?

Neil Patel (/pəˈtɛl/) (born 1970 in India) is an Indian-American lawyer, conservative political advisor, and publisher. He is the co-founder of The Daily Caller.

Who is Cablelynx owned by?

WEHCO Video Inc.
WEHCO Video Inc. launched its cable broadband solution, Cablelynx™, in November 2000 which provided service to over 56,000 subscribers in Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas at the end of 2017.

Where is Chattanooga Times Free Press?

Chattanooga Times Free Press Foundation 400 E 11th St Chattanooga, TN Media Consultants – MapQuest.

Is the Chattanooga Times Free Press going digital?

The Chattanooga Times Free Press, one of Tennessee’s largest daily news outlets, is converting to an all-digital format with the exception of a Sunday print edition, publisher Walter Hussman announced Saturday. The daily print edition will cease by mid-2022.