What episode is Parents Day Hey Arnold?

What episode is Parents Day Hey Arnold?

“The Journal” is a two-part episode of American animated television series Hey Arnold! that aired as the nineteenth and twentieth episodes of the show’s fifth season.

What happened to Arnolds parents in Hey Arnold?

It is revealed that Arnold’s parents were victims of a type of sickness that caused them and all the adults to fall into a deep sleep. Luckily, a cure is found and Arnold gets to return home to his parents. Show creator Craig Bartlett told the AV Club that this ending is perfect.

Does Arnold ever meet his parents?

5) YES, Arnold found his parents! Miles and Stella Shortman were found, and they were reunited with Arnold and the rest of the boarding house family.

Who is Helgas mother?

Miriam is Olga and Helga’s mother, although in the present she doesn’t fulfill the “mother” role too well, being very unattentive of Helga, and only sobering up when Olga comes to visit.

Will there be more Hey Arnold?

Hey Arnold! came to an end in 2004 after five seasons and one movie, and the reason behind its cancelation has to do with the second movie.

Where are Arnolds parents?

Who his parents were or where they went wasn’t even addressed until the show’s Season 3 episode “Parents Day,” in which it was revealed that Arnold’s parents were explorers and had disappeared on a humanitarian mission to San Lorenzo, along with the plane that was carrying them.

Why is Helga’s mom always tired?

But there’s another side to Helga’s home life that younger viewers might not have noticed. Helga’s mom likely struggled with alcoholism, according to a new theory from BuzzFeed writer Andrew Ziegler. And his evidence, based on some observations from the Hey Arnold!

Is chocolate boy a drug addict?

Chocolate Boy Is Basically A Drug Addict, And No One Can Help. “Chocolate Boy” is one of the series’ darkest episodes.

Is Hey Arnold a girl or boy?

Airing on Nickelodeon, the show was about a boy named Arnold (with an unusual football-shaped head) and his daily life with family, school, and friends. Each episode shared learning lessons and unique scenarios the characters found themselves in. RELATED: Why Nickelodeon Cancelled Hey Arnold!