Where can I watch Bratayley?

Where can I watch Bratayley?

Watch Bratayley | Prime Video.

Why was the YouTube channel called Bratayley?

The name “Bratayley” came from a nickname for Hayley, who originally started the channel. (The name is a cheeky combination of “brat” and “Hayley.”) However, the Bratayley account quickly got taken over by the entire family and the name stuck.

What is Jules LeBlanc’s YouTube channel?

LeBlanc is one of the stars of a daily vlog on the YouTube channel “Bratayley” (7.3M+ subscribers).

Is Bratayley quitting YouTube?

It’s the end of an era. Earlier this week, Annie and Hayley LeBlanc joined their mom for a sit-down video to announce that they’ll no longer be uploading to Bratayley.

When did Bratayley start their YouTube channel?

The first video released on the channel was the teaser trailer (with the original intention of being Hayley’s personal channel), uploaded on December 31, 2010. The first vlog was released a day later.

Has Bratayley ended?

Annie LeBlanc’s Family Reveals The End of Their Family Vlog Channel Bratayley. As Annie and Hayley LeBlanc say at the beginning of the video, it’s the end of an era.

Who owns Bratayley?

Bratayley or the The LeBlanc family is an American-based YouTube channel ran by Jules LeBlanc, Hayley LeBlanc, Katie LeBlanc, Billy LeBlanc (formerly), and Caleb LeBlanc who passed away in October 2015 at age 13 from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Why was Jules LeBlanc called Annie?

That’s because the YouTube star’s full name is Julianna Grace LeBlanc, so Annie was simply a nickname she had been using. In October 2020, Annie revealed to her fans that moving forward she wanted to go by the name Jules, which is evidently another nickname she had been using all along.

Are Jules LeBlanc and Hayley LeBlanc related?

Julianna “Jules” Grace LeBlanc was born in Augusta, Georgia, on December 5, 2004 to her parents Katie LeBlanc and Billy LeBlanc. She is one of the three siblings (Hayley LeBlanc and Caleb LeBlanc) that make up the hit YouTube family channel “Bratayley”, boasting 7.1M+ subscribers.

How old is Annie LeBlanc now?

17 years (December 5, 2004)Jules Leblanc / Age