How do you implement drill down in SSRS?

How do you implement drill down in SSRS?

To enable the SSRS Drill down action, first, go to Row groups pane, and right-click on the Product Category Name will open the context menu. From the context, Please select Group Properties.. option, as shown in the below screenshot. Once you select the Group Properties..

What is difference between drill down and drill through?

A drill through is an analytical feature that allows you to visualize additional, more detailed information about a specific KPI in a report. The difference with a drill down is that in a drill though report the new data is opened in a pop-up and not on the same chart.

What is a subreport in SSRS?

A Subreport is a report item that displays another report inside the body of a main report. It is basically used to embed a report within a report. Any report can be used as a Subreport. We can pass the parameter into Subreport from Main report.

How do I add a drill in SSRS?

Step-by-Step Procedure to Create a SSRS Drillthrough Report

  1. Link property. A drillthrough action can be configured in the main report as a report action or a URL action.
  2. Report Action.
  3. Report Hyperlinking.
  4. Drillthrough report design.
  5. Drillthrough report preview.
  6. Sales order parameter.
  7. Main Report.
  8. Main report preview.

What is a drill down report?

Drill down is a capability that takes the user from a more general view of the data to a more specific one at the click of a mouse. For example, a drill down report that shows sales revenue by state can allow the user to select a state, click on it and see sales revenue by county or city within that state.

What is drillthrough in SSRS?

A drillthrough report is a report that a user opens by clicking a link within another paginated report. Drillthrough reports commonly contain details about an item that is contained in an original summary report.