What is the famous of Kolli Malai?

What is the famous of Kolli Malai?

Agaya Gangai Waterfalls
Kolli Hills is famous for its natural beauty. The following are the most popular attractions in Kolli Hills- Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, Arappaleeswar Temple, Boat House, Botanical Garden, View Points, Siddhar Caves, Selur Nadu, Tampcol Medicinal Farm, Mini Falls and a many more.

Which month is best to visit Kolli hills?

Kolli Hills (or Kolli Malai as it is know in Tamil Nadu), is actually a small hillock, part of Eastern Ghats and is situated at Namakkal, one of the districts of Tamil Nadu. June to October is generally the monsoon season at Kolli hills. Summers are a pleasant time here.

Where is Kolli Malai located?

Namakkal District
Kollimalai Hills are situated on Eastern Ghats at an altitude of 1200 mts in the Namakkal District and are 45 km from Namakkal town. The Kollimalai Hills are known for medicinal herbs and plants that grow in abundance on the hill slopes.

What is special about Kolli hills?

The farm is worth visiting, as Kolli Hills is better known for its medicinal plants than anything else. A wide variety of medicinal plants and herbs are used in Ayurveda and Siddha treatments. The Unani medicine is nurtured, cultivated, gathered, and sent from here to various parts of the city.

Is Kolli hills open for tourists?

The district administration has prohibited the public from visiting parks, Kolli Hills and other tourist destinations in the district on weekends. On weekdays, travellers to Kolli Hills must possess RT-PCR negative report taken within 72 hours or vaccination certificate for two doses.

Is Kolli Hills open for tourists?

Which route is best for Kolli Hills?

There are 3 routes that connect Kolli Hills with Chennai. The shortest route includes driving through Grand Southern Trunk Road/NH 45 and NH68. An alternate route goes through NH 46 and NH7 and the distance via this path is 422 km.

Is Kolli hills open for tourists now?

Which is better yelagiri or yercaud?

Yelagiri is a close challenger to Yercaud because of its proximity to Chennai and Bengaluru. While both the hill stations have ideal weather during the off-season (monsoon and winter), Yercaud has a more pleasant summer than Yelagiri.

Is valparai open now?

Is Valparai Open today? Yes, If you’re fully vaccinated you can go freely.

Is Kolli hills allowed now?

Which is the queen of hills in Tamil Nadu?

Welcome to Nilgiris, one of the oldest mountain ranges, located at the tri-junction of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Nilgiris is a part of the Western Ghats. Ooty the “Queen of Hill Stations”, Coonoor 19 kms from Ooty and Kotagiri 31 kms from Ooty, are the three hill stations of this district..

What are the best places to visit in Kollimalai?

This kollimalai was ruled by the legendary philanthropist valvil ori who’s a great archer and his strength is mentioned as a painting in the walls of 34th bend. If you are a fan of off-beat places then check out Megamalai & Ramakkalmedu tourism.

Where are the Kolli Hills?

With an ominous name which means ‘Mountain of Death’, Kolli Hills or Kolli Malai are a mountain range located in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu. It is relatively untouched by commercial tourism and therefore has retained most of its natural magnificence.

How safe is Kollimalai?

How Safe is Kollimalai? Located in Tamil Nadu above 1400M sea level, Kolli malai is also called as mountain of death but not because of any deaths happening over there but it just sounds cool to call that way and because of the thrill of sharp hairpin bends.

What is the best time to visit Kolli Hills?

The best time to visit is March-June, during spring or August-December, during autumn. The weather in Kolli Hills is generally pleasant. It is wise to avoid peak winter or monsoon months as the temperature gets quite cold in this mountainous terrain. What is the best way to reach Kolli hills?