Do Aldi SIM cards fit iPhones?

Do Aldi SIM cards fit iPhones?

Yes. Our ALDImobile SIM card is designed to fit all handsets.

Does Aldi Mobile have a nano SIM card?

Our SIM cards are “3 in 1” which means they have a standard SIM, a micro SIM and a nano SIM all in the one card. You simply punch out the size that fits your device. Buy a Pay As You Go SIM or select one of our Mobile, Data or Family Plans to get started today.

Can you cut a SIM card to fit a nano SIM slot?

It is typically as easy to cut through the metal of the SIM card as it is the plastic card surrounding it. You can also use regular scissors but the smaller pair offer more accuracy. If you’re using nail scissors be sure to use a straight pair, not ones with a slight curve.

What phones work with Aldi SIM?

You can use an ALDImobile SIM card in any handset so long as it is compatible with the 3G 850MHz frequency. If you have a 4G handset, please make sure that your phone is compatible with ALDImobile’s 3G frequency as voice over LTE (VoLTE) is not supported and calls will be made through 3G.

Do all iPhones use the same SIM card?

There are three sizes of SIM you need to think about and they’re mini, micro and nano. These are the only three SIM sizes that Apple’s iPhones have worked with over the years. For a new iPhone you’re going to be looking at a nano SIM.

What network does Aldi SIM use?

Telstra 4G
ALDI Mobile uses the Telstra 4G and 3G network to deliver its phone and data services (which also plays host to the likes of Boost Mobile, TeleChoice and Woolworths Mobile).

Will an iPhone 8 SIM card fit into an iPhone 11?

It looks like you want to find out if the SIM card in an iPhone 8 can also be used in an iPhone 11. I’m happy to help! Both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 11 use a nano-SIM, so as long as your carrier supports the iPhone 11 you can transfer your SIM from the 8 to the 11.

What phones take a nano SIM?

Most smartphones made from around 2015 onwards will use a nano SIM card. That includes big name handsets like the iPhone 12 range, iPhone 11 range, iPhone XS, iPhone SE (2020), Samsung Galaxy S21 range, Samsung Galaxy S20 range, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, OnePlus 9, and many, many more.