What are synonyms for admission?

What are synonyms for admission?

synonyms for admission

  • acceptance.
  • access.
  • admittance.
  • certification.
  • confirmation.
  • entrance.
  • introduction.
  • recognition.

What is the dictionary definition of admission?

Admission is permission given to a person to enter a place, or permission given to a country to enter an organization. Admission is also the act of entering a place. Students apply for admission to a particular college. [

What’s a antonym for admission?

What is the opposite of admission?

conclusion denial
disallowance exclusion
expulsion prohibition
refusal repudiation
rejection blackballing

What’s another word for general admission?

What is another word for admission?

admittance entrance
entry access
ingress acceptance
entrée accession
door doorway

What is the base word for admission?

The noun admission stems from the Latin word admissionem, meaning “a letting in.” It often refers to a fee charged for entry, but it can also describe the process of being granted entry. The university’s admission of the new student was welcome news — now he has access to the school’s research facilities.

What is the base word of admission?

How do you use admission in a sentence?

They opposed the admission of women into the club. Her injuries were serious enough to require hospital admission. a large number of hospital admissions The school’s standards of admission are high. He submitted an application for admission to the school.

What does adult seated admission mean?

Nov 29, 2018•Article. Title. General Admission Seating. General Admission (GA) refers to seating or standing areas that are not assigned or reserved, and are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is the verb for admission?

to allow to enter
verb (used with object), ad·mit·ted, ad·mit·ting. to allow to enter; grant or afford entrance to: to admit a student to college. to give right or means of entrance to: This ticket admits two people.

What is admission example?

The definition of admission is the permission to enter something or somewhere. A ticket for a movie is an example of admission. Any act, assertion, or statement made by a party to an action that is offered as evidence against that party by the opponent. The act of admitting or allowing to enter.

Is admission and acceptance the same thing?

admit — to allow to enter; grant or afford entrance to: “to admit a student to college.” accept — To admit to a group, organization, or place: “accepted me as a new member of the club.”