Who originally wrote what hurts the most?

Who originally wrote what hurts the most?

Jeffrey Steele
Steve Robson
What Hurts The Most/Composers

Who did Rascal Flatts marry?

These stars not only have successful careers in country music, but they have also managed to find true love!

Why did Rascal Flatts split?

In announcing their decision to break up, the group said it was just time — that they each wanted to pursue solo interests. “Twenty years in a band together is a long, long time, and I love the fact that we’re able to look back and say we still love and respect each other after 20 years,” Jay DeMarcus said last year.

Did Rascal Flatts cover Life is a highway for Cars?

“Life Is a Highway” also peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in August 1992 and reached the top three in Australia and New Zealand the same year. The song was covered by Chris LeDoux for his 1998 album One Road Man and Rascal Flatts for the Cars soundtrack.

What hurts the most history?

“What Hurts The Most” was first recorded by the country singer Mark Wills and included on his 2003 album And the Crowd Goes Wild. In 2006, Rascal Flatts took the song to the top of the Country and Adult Contemporary charts and #6 on The Billboard Hot 100.

Who wrote what hurts the most Cascada or Rascal Flatts?

What Hurts the Most/Composers

Are Jay and Allison DeMarcus still married?

Allison Leigh Alderson DeMarcus (born January 18, 1977) is an American actress, TV host and beauty queen who has competed in the Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss America pageants. Alderson is married to Jay DeMarcus, the bassist in the band Rascal Flatts.

Did Rascal Flatts breakup?

In 2020, country music fans were stunned when musical trio Rascal Flatts announced they were breaking up. The group, known for songs such as “What Hurts the Most” and “My Wish,” hadn’t indicated they were headed for a split, so the news seemed almost impossible to believe.

Why is Rascal Flatts ending?

In May 2020 the band canceled their farewell tour because of the ongoing pandemic and hadn’t performed together since. “I can’t stand the fact that it just feels there’s no closure with something that we’ve been so blessed with. That will always be in my heart,” he added.

Did Joe Don Rooney quit Rascal Flatts?

Former Rascal Flatts lead singer Gary LeVox is now saying the catalyst for the trio’s demise was guitar player Joe Don Rooney quitting the band. He told People.com, “I’ve never been OK with the way that it ended. I was never OK with . . . I wasn’t happy that Joe Don quit.

Who Owns Life Is a Highway?

singer Tom Cochrane
“Life is a Highway” is a song written by Canadian rock singer Tom Cochrane, from his 1991 album, Mad Mad World. . In other Cars media, the song can be heard during races in the video game Cars: Mater-National Championship, and is one of the songs selected by DJ for a Cars Land show called “DJ’s Dance ‘n’ Drive”.

What is the metaphor in the song Life Is a Highway?

Life is never that simple; life is much closer to old country back roads. Life is full of twists and turns and forks in the road. None of this turmoil, bad fortune, or decision-making is noted in the metaphor “life is a highway.” The metaphor would be much more effective if it was elaborated through more of the song.