How much does a Kitfox cost?

How much does a Kitfox cost?

Prices are in the range of $22,000 for a Kitfox kit, or a Fly away Kitfox SLSA with a base price of $95,995. The Series 7 (S7) is for serious pilots that demand performance, comfort, and most of all safety.

How much does a used Kitfox cost?

Values. Given the scarcity of available used Kitfox airplanes, pricing will be subject to the seller’s eagerness to dispose of their plane. Expect to pay $100,000 or more for a nice Series 6 or later, down to as little as $20,000 for an old Model I or II that’s still flyable but needs TLC.

How much is a factory built Kitfox?

Factory-Built Kitfox. In 2009, Kitfox announced a factory-built version of the kit airplane, the Kitfox Light Sport SLSA, also with the convertible landing gear and folding wings. McBean wanted to produce a fly-away LSA at a price point around $100,000 and the base price for the Kitfox LSA is $95,995.

How high can a Kitfox fly?

25,000 feet
The Series 7 introduced a number of refinements, including a cruise speed of over 120 mph (193 km/h), a 700 miles (1,127 km) range and carry a useful load of 700 lb (318 kg). When equipped with the Rotax 914 turbo-charged engine, the aircraft has a service ceiling of 25,000 feet (7,600 m).

Do you need a license to fly a kitfox?

Do I need a pilot’s license to fly a Kitfox? Yes, a minimum of a student license is required. We The Kitfox currently in production does not qualify as an ultralight aircraft under FAR part 103.

Are kitfox planes safe?

About 7% of Kitfox accidents occur when the pilot mismanages airspeed versus about 3% for the Avids. The Kitfox figure is slightly above that of homebuilts overall. The NTSB “Probable Cause” mentioned stall or loss of airspeed control in about 25% of Kitfox accidents versus about 16% for the Avids.

Are Kitfox planes safe?

Do you need a pilots license to fly a Kitfox?

How much runway does a kitfox need?

For landing you need with 50′ obstacle about 800 to 1100′ which will give you some safety margin. with clear approach 300 to 500 feet is planty if you know what you doing,. If you have a tank heavy kitfox youwill certainly need more room.

Do you need a pilots license to fly a kitfox?