What is bo pian?

What is bo pian?

Bo Pian What it means: It used to mean “no change” in Hokkien, but now it means that you can’t do anything about a presumably bad situation.

What does Bo chap mean?

don’t care
‘Bo chap’ translates to ‘don’t care’ in Hokkien, and refers to someone who caní_í_í�äóîíšt be bothered to take the initiative when it comes to doing things. For the indifferent Singaporean.

What is Siao?

Siao (see-ow) Meaning: Hokkien for “crazy”. This versatile word can be used to describe a person or simply an exclamation for a situation that seems out of this world – and not in a wondrous way.

What does Liao mean Singapore?

The ‘Liao’ slang translates directly to ‘already’, and is used as an emphasis for the verb before it. The slang is also used with different variations of verbs and can simplify long sentences like ‘I have already eaten’ to ‘Eat Liao’.

What is Paiseh in English?

Paiseh (pie-say) Meaning: A Hokkien way of saying something is embarrassing. Alternatively, it’s to express a sense of shame or that you are simply shy. Example: “I’m paiseh to ask Chris Hemsworth for a selfie.” Photograph: Unsplash/Paul Hanaoka.

What is Bogay?

1 \ ˈbu̇-​gē , ˈbō-​ , ˈbü-​ \ : specter, phantom. 2 \ ˈbō-​gē also ˈbu̇-​ or ˈbü-​ \ : a source of fear, perplexity, or harassment. 3 \ ˈbō-​gē \ golf. a : one stroke over par on a hole made a bogey on the second hole.

What does Xiao Liao mean?

Siao liao. A Hokkien exclamation used when something has gone horribly wrong.

What is Pok Kai?

pok kai (not comparable) (Singapore, Malaysia, slang) Having no money; broke; bankrupt.

Why do Malaysians say LA?

‘Lah’: a common understanding Singlish uses about 11 particles, mostly borrowed from Chinese dialects like Hokkien or Cantonese, to indicate the attitude of how something is said. This simple three-letter word can mean an affirmation, dismissal, exasperation or exclamation in different contexts.