What is the best name brand chest freezer?

What is the best name brand chest freezer?

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Midea Chest Freezer.
  • Best for Garages: GE Energy Star Garage Ready Chest Freezer.
  • Best Small for Garages: Danby Chest Freezer.
  • Best Portable: Whynter 85-Quart Portable Fridge and Freezer.
  • Best Small Capacity: Avanti Chest Freezer.
  • Best Large Capacity: Frigidaire Chest Freezer.

Which freezer brand is best?

5 Best Freezers, According to Kitchen Appliance Pros

  • Best Upright Freezer: Frigidaire FFFU13F2VW Upright Freezer.
  • Best Chest Freezer: Kenmore KLC019MWD Chest Freezer.
  • Best Convertible Freezer: Galanz GLF11UWEA16 Convertible Freezer.
  • Best Large-Capacity Freezer: Kenmore 22202 Upright Convertible Freezer.

What size chest freezer is most efficient?

The rule of thumb to plan for is 1.5 cubic feet of freezer space per person in your family. Thus a family of 4 should get at least an 6 cubic foot freezer. Choose a freezer that’s not too big and not too small but just right. For the best energy efficiency your freezer should always be 2/3s full or more.

What are standard chest freezer sizes?

Chest Freezer sizes and dimensions

CHEST FREEZER SIZEMedium CUBIC FOOTAGE 10 to 16 cubic feet DIMENSIONS (APPROXIMATE)54–65″ W x 33–36″ H x 24–28″ D
CHEST FREEZER SIZELarge CUBIC FOOTAGE17+ cubic feet DIMENSIONS (APPROXIMATE)72–84″ W x 31–34″ H x 27–32″ D

How long do chest freezers last?

between 15 and 20 years
Chest freezers are expected to last between 15 and 20 years while upright freezers have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Is a 7 cubic feet freezer big?

Small: 6 to 9 cubic feet. Medium: 12 to 18 cubic feet. Large: 18 cubic feet or more.

What size freezer do I need for 1/4 cow?

Ideally, you should have the following freezer sizes: 1/4 cow: 4 cubic feet. 1/2 cow: 8 cubic feet.