Which company is Atul Khatri CEO of?

Which company is Atul Khatri CEO of?

Kaytek Computer Services Private Limited

Atul Khatri
Education Bachelor of Engineering
Alma mater TSEC, University of Mumbai Alliance Manchester Business School
Years active 2011 – present
Employer Kaytek Computer Services Private Limited

Why did Atul Khatri leave EIC?

Atul Khatri and Sourabh Pant (founder of EIC) left EIC. Reason given by Atul was “EIC was getting more into branded content, ADs and Bollywood, but both Sorabh and I wanted to purse stand-up, so we broke off.”

Is Atul Khatri on Netflix?

About Atul Khatri Happy to announce that on 1st January 2019 my stand-up special “The Happiest Ending” was released on NETFLIX as part of the prestigious ‘COMEDIANS OF THE WORLD’ – featuring 47 comedians from 13 countries all over the world!

Who is Anshu Mor?

About. After 18 years of corporate experience, at the age of 44, Anshu Mor quit his job as the Head of Xbox business at Microsoft to become a full time stand-up comedian in 2016. In the very first year, he was recognised as one of the rising stars of standup comedy in India by the Times of India group.

Where does Amit Tandon live?

Personal life. Amit Tandon was born (14 December 1975) in Patiala and brought up in Patiala, Chandigarh, Punchkula and Delhi.

Where is khamba from AIB?

Gursimran Khamba is a Delhi-based humour blogger who had gained popularity with political commentary, satirical essays and film reviews. He had also contributed to satirical newsmagazine Faking News.

Did Kunal Rao leave EIC?

In 2017, Sorabh Pant and Atul Khatri left EIC to pursue their solo careers. And in 2019, Kunal Rao Left the Comedy Group.

Who is best comedian in the world?

Here are the 25 funniest stand-up comedians of all time:

  • Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Louis C.K.
  • Chris Rock.
  • Eddie Murphy.
  • Dave Chappelle.
  • Robin Williams.
  • Richard Pryor.
  • George Carlin. George Denis Patrick Carlin was an American stand-up comedian, author, actor, and social critic.

Where is Anubhav Singh Bassi from?

Meerut, IndiaAnubhav Singh Bassi / Place of birth

Who is Rahul Dua?

Rahul Dua is an established Indian stand-up comedian and is referred to as the brightest comic of the new generation. His caught his first big break when he appeared on ‘Comicstaan’, a comedy reality show. He is also an active YouTuber and his videos go viral. His genre of comedy is ‘observational comedy’.

Who is harsh Gujral?

Harsh Gujral is a renowned standup comedian and social media celebrity. He is a brand of observable humor that is fresh and contemporary that has struck a chord with audiences across India. He made his mark with a super relatable style of narrative that connects him with the audience instantly.

Who is daughter of Amit Tandon?

Jiyana TandonAmit Tandon / Daughter