Who is Barry Stinson?

Who is Barry Stinson?

Barnabus Stinson is a fictional character portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris and created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for the CBS television series How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014).

Who did Wendy the Waitress marry?

are to the fans. Just a reminder: We do know what happens to Wendy the Waitress (Charlene Amoia) because of the episode “Garbage Island.” She’s married to Meeker after the two bonded over their hatred for Marshall and they have kids.

Does Victoria dump Ted?

In Cupcake Victoria was accepted into a fellowship at a culinary institute in Germany. Although they were both initially against the idea, they tried a long-distance relationship. They broke up after Ted lied about breaking up with her to sleep with Robin in Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M..

Why did Zoey and The Captain break up?

When Ted realizes that he cannot have both Zoey and his dream of building a skyscraper, he chooses his dream over Zoey, who breaks up with him for refusing to save the Arcadian.

Is Barney’s job real?

Barney Stinson’s job has been a mystery throughout the series as whenever the gang asks about it, he only says, “Please”, which would turn out to be an acronym for his actual job Provide Legal Exculpation and Sign Everything at AltruCell Corporation and later in Goliath National Bank, meaning he was telling his job all …

Who is Ted Mosby dad?

Alfred Mosby
Alfred Mosby is Ted and Heather’s father.

Who is Meeker in How I Met Your Mother?

Meeker is Marshall’s ex-co-worker at Goliath National Bank and the future husband of Wendy the Waitress. Meeker appears in Garbage Island. He was the only one in a meeting who agreed with a proposal Marshall had made, which got him fired by Arthur Hobbs, which set off a hate for Marshall.

How did Ted meet Tracy?

It turns out it was a woman named Tracy that Ted met by chance while at Robin and Barney’s wedding. And sadly, while they had a sweet and fitting love story, she apparently died just over a decade after they met.

Does Ted marry Zoey?

Ted still like Zoey despite this so he tries to come to a compromise, but as soon as he finds out that Zoey is married he completely turns on her.