What does it mean Ring My Bell?

What does it mean Ring My Bell?

very attractive, exciting
[mainly US, informal] to be very attractive, exciting, or satisfying to someone. After a couple of comedies that didn’t exactly ring my bell, I thought I’d like to do something that different. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary.

Who did the disco song Ring My Bell?

Anita Ward
“Ring My Bell” went to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the Disco Top 80 chart and the Soul Singles chart….Ring My Bell.

“Ring My Bell”
Label Juana Records (through TK)
Songwriter(s) Frederick Knight
Producer(s) Frederick Knight
Anita Ward singles chronology

How old is Anita Ward Ring My Bell?

Anita Ward was born on December 20th, 1956 in Memphis, Tennessee, she came to prominence with her Disco hit “Ring My Bell” which topped the charts around the world in 1979, including No. 1 on the U.S Hot 100.

How old is Anita Ward now?

65 years (December 20, 1956)Anita Ward / Age

Is Ring My Bell an innuendo?

To sexually attract or arouse one; to bring one sexual gratification or satisfaction. That redhead from across the bar has been ringing my bell all night.

Does this name ring a bell?

If you say that something rings a bell, you mean that it reminds you of something, but you cannot remember exactly what it is. The name doesn’t ring a bell.

When did ring my bell come out?

1979Ring My Bell / Released

Was ring my bell a one hit wonder?

“Ring My Bell” — Anita Ward | 40 Unforgettable One-Hit Wonders | Purple Clover. Time to celebrate National One-Hit Wonder Day! In case it slipped your mind, that’s the day that honors musicians who made their mark with a single song.

How old is singer Freda Payne?

79 years (September 19, 1942)Freda Payne / Age