Does Anakin live on Coruscant?

Does Anakin live on Coruscant?

Anakin Skywalker’s quarters were the private quarters of the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. They were located in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. While most Jedi quarters were usually simple and sparsely furnished, Skywalker’s room was abundantly decorated with old Podracing posters.

Where did Queen Amidala live?

Born in 46 BBY during the Age of the Republic, Padmé Naberrie was raised by her parents, Ruwee Naberrie and his wife Jobal, on the peaceful Mid Rim world of Naboo.

What is Padmé Amidala’s home planet?

Located in the Chommell sector, Naboo is the home planet of Senator Padmé Amidala and Representative Jar Jar Binks, as well as Senator (later Supreme Chancellor and then Emperor) Palpatine.

Is Amidala a queen or a senator?

Padme Amidala was a former queen and senator from Naboo, a planet near the outer rim territories in a galaxy far, far away. She is the mother of Rebel Alliance heroes Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.

Where is Padme’s apartment Skywalker saga?

It was located in a high-rise, high-security Senate apartment complex in the upscale Federal District, one of many apartment buildings occupied by diplomatic staff from the millions of star systems enfranchised in the Senate.

Where is Padme’s apartment?

Located on the top floors of the Senate Apartment Complex on Coruscant, the Naboo Embassy allotted this space as an apartment for the current Senator of the Chommell sector and Naboo. It was later converted into a restaurant known as the Naboo Queen.

Where is Padmé’s apartment Skywalker saga?

Where is Padmé’s apartment?

Does Naboo have snow?

Yes. “Crisis on Naboo” episode guide for The Clone Wars. Gallo Mountains are shown on a holographic readout, suggesting Naboo has high mountain peaks. Given climate shown in canon, there would certainly be snow at high altitudes.

Is Naboo still around?

So how did it fair under the Empire’s rule? Naboo stands out as one of the most prestigious locations in Star Wars, but unfortunately the planet hasn’t been seen in live-action since the funeral of Padme Amidala in 2005’s Revenge of the Sith.

How much older than Anakin is Padmé?

five years
She had always behaved older than her age and had recently become the youngest Queen of Naboo, but she too was still fairly young in years. Padmé was born in the year 46 BBY on Naboo, and Anakin was born five years later, in the year 41 BBY. That makes Padmé five years older than Anakin.