What strain is blockhead?

What strain is blockhead?

Blockhead is an indica-dominant hybrid (65% indica/35% sativa) that is crossed between Sweet Tooth and a mystery strain. Its exact origins are often disputed amongst connoisseurs. The strain gets its name from its intense body and mind effects with a powerful high that is not meant for the faint of heart.

Does Seedsman give free seeds?

We offer many free seed promotions – some with every order and some when you buy selected breeders.

Are regular seeds more potent than feminized?

Many people ask us if they will have as much flavor as the others, or if they will come out strong, they even doubt if feminized seeds are less powerful, the answer is that they are completely equal to the normal ones, so if they do not come out good it is because of the production process or because of a bad selection …

What is a fast feminized seed?

Fast strains can be grown in northern regions like Great Britain, Germany, or Russia, as they can be harvested before the arrival of cold and humid weather. They are feminized plants that will be ready for harvest in a short space of time, which allows for more indoor grows in a given time.

What strain is black cherry punch?

Strain Description Blackcherry Punch is an indica cross between Purple Punch and Black Cherry Pie. It is known to deliver full body relaxation along with a dose of euphoric bliss, as one would expect from a potent, indica heavy strain.

Is seedbank com legit?

Seedbank has 100% failure rate! Unfortunately they must have gotten some bad seeds, but instead of standing behind them Ilis in the past they chose to just screw and burn customers! Stay away! Seeds are bad!

What is the quickest flowering strain?

Best Short Flowering Strains: Photoperiod Strains That Grow Quickly (7-9 Weeks)

  1. 1 – Lowryder (Hybrid Cannabis Strain)
  2. 2 – Critical Kush (Indica Cannabis Strain)
  3. 3 – Early Girl (Indica Cannabis Strain)
  4. 4 – OG Kush (Hybrid Cannabis Strain)
  5. 5 – Superglue (Hybrid Cannabis Strain)

What are the best seed bank to order from?

Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks To Buy Seeds Online

Rank Brand Best For
1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Best overall
2. Crop King Seeds Best for global shipping
3. MSNL Seedbank Best delivery
4. Seedsman Best seed variety

Where can I buy feminized seeds?

Seed Bank carries premium feminized seeds, including Feminized Autoflower, Fast Flowering, Indica, Sativa, High TCH, and CBD strains. Our marijuana seeds are created using elite tested genetics and provide extremely high germination success rates.

What are the best Cheap Auto FEM seeds for sale online?

Auto White Widow by Pyramid Seeds is one of the most popular cheap auto fem seed strains for sale online. Made with White Widow genetics and ruderalis, it is a versatile weed strain for any indoor/outdoor garden. The highly adaptable plants grow between 20 to 60 inches tall into a Christmas tree shape.

Why feminized cannabis seeds?

That is why most modern cannabis growers now start with feminized cannabis seeds, 100% female genetics that will guarantee to produce only female plants. Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale!

Why buy from our cheapest marijuana seeds for sale?

Everyone loves a bargain, and our cheapest Marijuana seeds for sale will save you money on your next purchase. Enjoy a wealth of choice with a wide selection of new Mix Pack seeds, all with 40% discount compared to buying the seeds individually.