What is 3P method?

What is 3P method?

3P is an acronym for Production Preparation Process, which is a method that focuses on eliminating waste through product and process design. It was introduced to the US in the mid-1980’s by Chihiro Nakao, founder of the consulting firm Shingijutsu, and a contemporary of Taiichi Ohno.

What is the process of process improvement?

Process Improvement is the proactive task of identifying, analyzing and improving upon existing business processes within an organization for optimization and to meet new quotas or standards of quality.

What is 2P process?

The 2P steps include defining the scope, developing alternatives, narrowing and evaluating alternatives, agreeing on a proposed new process, simulating the new process, documenting the new process, creating standard work, and creating an implementation plan.

What is purpose of preparation?

Preparation is a proceeding or readiness for a future event as a goal and an acceptable accomplished final outcome. It is to make something (e.g., child, food, procedures, machines) acceptable before you give it to others.

What is an example of preparation?

Preparation means the actions taken to get something ready. An example of preparation is a cook chopping up ingredients for a soup. The definition of a preparation is a mixture made for a specific use. An example of a preparation is a sauce made for use in a meal the next day.

What is 3P production Preparation process?

Lean 3P (aka Production, Preparation and Process) is an event-driven process for developing a new product concurrently with the operation that will produce it. 3P is a game-changer that results in lower ongoing costs. The process: Guides teams who have multiple ideas to whittle them down to one that can be implemented.

What is an ETO reason?

An ‘ETO’ reason is an ‘economic, technical or organisational reason’ to make staff changes, or changes to terms and conditions, following a TUPE transfer. Staff who are dismissed for a reason that is directly related to a TUPE transfer will have claims for ‘automatically’ unfair dismissal.

Can my new employer change my working hours under TUPE?

It really does depend. Your new employer cannot change your terms and conditions to harmonise them with their existing staff. But, if your employer can show that there is an Economic, Technical or Organisational reason to change your Terms and conditions, these changes may be allowed under TUPE.