What is the best birdwatching app?

What is the best birdwatching app?

Our favorite birding apps are easy to use, and will help you get the most out of every adventure.

  • Audubon Bird Guide: North America. photo credit: Audubon.
  • eBird. photo credit: eBird.
  • Song Sleuth. photo credit: Song Sleuth.
  • Merlin Bird ID. photo credit: Merlin Bird ID.
  • Raptor ID. photo credit: Raptor ID.

How much does the eBird app cost?

eBird Mobile Available in 27 languages on iOS and Android, all for free.

How do I use eBird app?

  1. Download eBird Mobile. The first step is to get the app—available for free on both the Google Play and App Stores.
  2. Set your preferences. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be prompted to enter your user information.
  3. Download and install packs.
  4. Start a checklist.
  5. Select a location.
  6. Review, Submit and Share.

Is eBird a free app?

Free—eBird Mobile is free. Single global version—The eBird Mobile app is available in a single consolidated version that works anywhere on earth. Improved offline use—Creating checklists offline is now easy and reliable and allows you to use eBird Mobile anywhere on the planet, regardless of cell coverage.

What’s the difference between Merlin and eBird?

In addition to being a step-by-step ID wizard, Merlin includes more than 1,400 photos, more than half of them taken by eBird project leaders Chris Wood and Brian Sullivan. It features ID tips, more than 800 audio recordings from the Macaulay Library, and range maps from The Birds of North America Online.

Is eBird app free?

What is the best free bird identification app UK?

iBird United Kingdom and Ireland Pro, the world’s most popular identification app to birds of the UK, is now offers two powerful features: Birds Around Me (BAM) and Percevia smart search. Smart search lets you identify birds just like the experts while BAM only shows species that are found in your GPS area.